Why The Box?

By Christopher Lancaster

Why The Box?

The Box is the Sunshine Games local game store experience delivered.  Read this five minute article to learn a little about the history of our delivery service.

A short history of The Box

While walking through a big box store in mid-November, a Sunshine Games team member happened upon the Pokemon section.  This section was completely picked over, and frankly, would be a disappointing first experience for a young person looking to get into Pokemon.  The hottest products of the season, Champion's Path, had zero availability at outlets across the Tampa Bay area.  

All the while, Pokemon enjoyed arguably its hottest winter in a decade.  Celebrities such as Logan Paul, Logic, and Steve Aoki were all partaking in Pokemon fever at the end of the year.  Heck, even our friend with the Pokemon Evolutionaries, Professor K, got in on the action for Steve Aoki's charity box break.  That Beedrill was for a great cause!

The demand for Pokemon product got so hot that enterprising Pokemoners were

  • following big box distributors around their local metros, looking for the next delivery
  • posting livestreams in big box stores when product was available and taking payment through CashApp/Facebook Pay/etc to help people get product
  • direct-selling large quantities of product through secondary channels such as Mercari, Facebook, and/or OfferUp and
  • trading boxes of Pokemon on StockX.

The COVID-19 Complication

As 2020 wore on and COVID-19 cases continued to rise, the team at Sunshine Games needed robust ways to meet their customers' needs as a local game store in Tampa.  One of the big challenges we needed to solve was how to get product to clients safely.  So, we decided that in addition to running our store as curbside only, we would invest in a high-quality delivery kit to get our hottest products to customers directly to their door.

Enter, The Box.  

The Box in a Nutshell

The Box originated as a wouldn't-it-be-nice conversation with a longtime customer of Sunshine Games who relocated with his family to Massachusetts.  Our longtime customer lamented that his LGS experience was at least an hour away and his favorite store was two hours away.  He shared that he missed his Sunshine Games family, and wished there was a way to bring it to him.  The team commented that maybe it was something we should look into.

So, we did some research, did some design, and came up with our December 2020 boxes, which you can find here.

The LGS Experience - Delivered

One of the great things about working with an LGS team for your collectible needs is you can ask us questions.  For real!  You can reach us anytime here.  

Also, our boxes are specifically designed for peace of mind through authentic, responsibly-sourced collectibles for our players.  We want you to 

  • know exactly what you're getting in every delivery (which is why we show the entire contents of each box on every product page)
  • be pleasantly surprised if there are extras in your boxes without designing The Box as a random loot crate
  • have complete confidence your product is authentic and not resealed and
  • have a point of contact with our LGS for every step of the experience just in case.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this post answers some simple questions about The Box and why you would choose Sunshine Games as your source for collectibles.  If you have any questions about The Box, or to get in touch with our team, contact us anytime here.